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iMusic.hk (中文域名: 音樂人.hk) ,成立於 2008 年 6 月,是一個以香港為基地的 Web 2.0 音樂網站。

iMusic.hk 讓世界各地的音樂人,發表自己的音樂作品予全世界。無論您是專業歌手、唱片公司、作曲人、填詞人、獨立歌手、自由人、業餘的、初哥... 只要您喜愛音樂,iMusic.hk 都可以把您的作品,發放到全世界!



Welcome to iMusic.hk - a Web 2.0 music portal that let you upload your own music and publishing your events!

All upload songs and files must fullfil following criteria:

By submitting an song/music/files you are representing that you are the author and creator of the upload materials, and to your knowledge it does not violate any copyright. You shall not upload any music/song/files that contains illegal, pornographic, gambling, warez or hate content, or links to any site containing such content.