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功能Features基本 (免費)
音樂人獨立版面 Artist Profile Page
上載 MP3* Upload MP3 *
上載檔案* Upload Files*
儲存容量 Storage 50MB
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節目/行程表管理 Gigs Management
商品寄賣** Merchandise Selling**
數碼商店* Online Shop (Digital) * ~ 快將推出/Coming Soon ~
網上售票 Ticketing System ~ 快將推出/Coming Soon ~
廣播電台 Radio Station
價格 Price 免費 / Free

* 所有上載或售賣的音樂作品/檔案必須符合以下條件:

  1. 上載或售賣的音樂作品/檔案,必須為原創、自己彈奏或取得原作者的批准,上載或售賣的音樂作品/檔案內不能含有侵犯版權成份。

** 寄賣的商品不能侵犯任何版權。音樂人需要有 Paypal 帳戶。

* All upload songs and files must fullfil following criteria:

  1. By submitting an song/music/files you are representing that you are the author and creator of the upload materials, and to your knowledge it does not violate any copyright. You shall not upload any music/song/files that contains illegal, pornographic, gambling, warez or hate content, or links to any site containing such content.
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